Our unique 5 Step Closing Process

closersonthego feels that this is the most effective and fool proof system that any closing company can provide to its clients. The closing process will be a smooth and efficient process by using these 5 steps. Try us out and see what a difference this system can do for your company.

Your customers will be happier with closersonthego!

Initial Contact: Once an order is received our closer will contact your client to establish a verbal relationship along with setting the time, date and place of the closing.
What to expect: Your client will not only feel like they are abreast on the status of their closing but will have an initial contact to feel comfortable with throughout the closing process.
What to do: Make sure to supply all of the needed information so that our closer will have the resources to accommodate your client at closing if questions arise.
Final Confirmation: After our closer receives all of the components of your package they will call you for authorization that the file is ready to be closed.
What to expect: This phase is really important for you to have supplied us with the correct contact information so that the process flows smoothly.
What to do: Providing authorization ensures your client that all pieces are in place and enables for a hassle free closing.
Pre Closing Status: Once our closer had received the authorization to go ahead and close the file they will contact your borrower again to let them know that they have received all of the components and is ready to meet with them.
What to expect: At this time, our closer will go over the bottom line of the Settlement Statement so that your client will know when they should expect their refund check or be able to get the required funds needed to close.
What to do: This is a good time to answer any questions that may arise and enable you the time to iron them out before a closing occurs.
The Closing: At the closing table, our closer will not only assist your client in signing the paperwork correctly but will help explain the paperwork to them. Usually a notary closer acts primarily as a signing agent only but what Closersonthego offers you and your client is the knowledge of your programs and the paperwork.
What to expect: If at the time of closing there are questions or issues our closers will be prepared with the proper contact information to reach your company and help your clients overcome any issues. We will do anything we can to help you close the deal. With these tools our closers will not only enable your clients to have a hassle free closing experience but it will enable them to feel 100% about the decisions they are making.
What to do: The more information you supply the better off our closers will be. If you want your clients to never have any doubts about the process or the end product we can help you educate them with the correct tools.
Post Closing: Once the closing is completed, our closer will complete the online closing confirmation, which will be sent on to all parties to confirm and update the status of the closing.
What to expect: This step is to ensure that all parties are on the same page and to know if the file is ready to go to the next phase. The email closing confirmation will not only confirm that the closing was completed it will also provide a forum for any comments and tracking information of the package.
What to do: Please supply feedback for each closing along with using this as a way of communicating with your closer. This will not only enable us to better our services for you and your clients but it will also help us learn how to better serve you on future closings.