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Closersonthego is made up of a team of qualified and experienced notary closers. All must be bonded and insured to their state standards. We advise to have extra E&O to cover your notary license seeing many things can happen throughout the closing process. Closersonthego is not responsible for notarial mistakes. The National Notary Association offers excellent E&O at affordable rates.

We are always seeking new notary closers to add to our team. If you feel like you are qualified and would be an asset to our team, please fill out the form below for consideration and to set up your confidential interview.

Closersonthego requires each closer to follow the 5 Step Process. This step by step format ensures our clients a smooth and hassle free closing experience. Please review the 5 Step Process to ensure you will be able to comply with each phase. Our closers are expected to follow these steps so that the closing process is completed the same every time. This ensures our clients that no area of the closing process will fall through the cracks and that all aspects of the closing are ready before you walk out the door to your closing.

The following forms will need to be sent to the address below for consideration.



W9 - checks will not be cut for any closings done unless you have a W9 on file. click here to download
copy of notary certificate
copy of any certifications (NNA certification & background check) now required
copy of notary bond and E & O insurance -
(E & O - COTG requires $100,000 or above coverage)
Money handling coverage is required because checks can get lost in transit.

P.O. Box 540253
Orlando, FL 32854

Please note, solicitation of our clients will put you on our do not call vendor list.

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